Important spare parts information

Dear customers,

Unfortunately, Corona has also left its mark on medical technology. Subsequent articles can no longer be produced:

→ Inlet adapter Isapak (Art.No.: 06-050501)

→ Isapak cloud chamber (Art.No.: 06-050500)

Therefore, we had to develop a new solution for the devices, which we would like to present to you on this way:

The new inlet device is made of stainless steel, which of course makes it much more durable and hygienic than the old version. However, in order to use it on your unit, the holding rod must be replaced additionally/once and fitted with a special bottle holder and hold-down device. The mist chambers are replaced by capsules.

We already informed our customers about this in autumn 2021.

You can purchase our replacement set (item no.: 06-060854) from us at our regular list price of € 349 net.

Consisting of:

  • Inlet device stainless steel
  • Hold-down
  • Aluminium bottle cage
  • Stainless steel support bar
  • 145ml capsule